“A truly in-house consultative approach.”

-Don Phipps, CEO, Applied Market Research


“The best I’ve ever seen. The absolute best.”

-Lou Carbone, Founder & CEO Experience Engineering, author of “Clued In”


“In my professional career, few people have had the profound effect on me that Dave Santee has. He is the most accomplished researcher I have dealt with over the span of my professional career.┬áHe understands what it takes to get into the head and heart of a consumer, and uncover the issues, without ever losing sight of the big picture.”

-Kathy Collins, VP Marketing, H&R Block


“The H&R Block market research team is the best among the financial service firms I have seen.”

-McKinsey partner


“Dave believes in interpreting the story to guide meaningful action”

-Samantha Schaefer, Brand Strategist


“… a truly ‘in-house’ consultative approach that seeks to get inside a company’s objectives for research by understanding in a deep and meaningful way the problem the company faces. This strategic talent places Dave in the top of his field.”

-Don Phipps, Managing Partner, Applied Market Research