Why we’re different

We get it!

 Because we’ve been there!

We have extensive “client side” experience in CPG and financial services.  Not just as analysts but in leading the insights team in Fortune 500 firms.

Because we’ve been the end-user!

Dave Santee has held positions in new product development, product management, and category management.  He has even ran a $200M division.  How many market researchers can say that?

No ‘tail wagging the dog here.’

We start with the problem to solve, not a research method. Anything else is simply the tail wagging the dog.

Because we have the experience and skill – we’ve been doing this a long time!

We have first-hand experience with techniques that work and those that don’t. However, we view our technical skills as cost-of-entry, something everyone in this business should have. We start with the issue, not a research method. Anything else is simply the tail wagging the dog.

We can help your clients Get It!

Meaningful, genuine insights – no researchy drivel or packed reports with little meaning

Real analysis, insight, and direction — not just reporting data

We apply critical thinking and triangulating data from other sources.

We provide solutions, insights, direction; we don’t sell research methods.

Most firms sell research methods.  Many have their own canned approaches.  We believe that is the “tail wagging the dog.”

Although we are very well versed in methods and the technical aspects of the job, that’s not where we begin.   We begin by understanding the problem to be solved.

The last mile – Our goal is to do more than deliver a research report.   Or else why are we here?

We want to help make an impact. This can take many forms.  Reports, presentations, workshops, videos, newsletters, whatever is needed to get the information understood and used.

Whatever it takes – and then some!

We understand that this is not a 9-5 job. And we like it that way!