“A truly in-house consultative approach.”

– Don Phipps, CEO, Applied Market Research


True North Market Insights is developing partnerships, not a series of transactions.  We work best as a consultative partner, not a one-off vendor.  An individual study rarely lives on its own.  There exists both a before and an after.  How a study should be built depends on what is currently known and where the company is trying to go.  A research firm cannot do a good job unless they understand both.  A partnership requires that we invest time in a client to understand what is known and where the firm is going. Our projects are not complete when we deliver a report; rather, they are complete when the client gets what is needed.  It may mean a presentation, perhaps multiple presentations, a workshop, re-cutting data, etc.  The study is complete when the results are understood.


Other research firms have told us that our approach cannot work – that we can’t spend so much time working with any one firm.  We disagree!  From a business perspective, we believe we will conduct more business with fewer clients if we simply shift our time from selling to working with and understanding our clients.